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Founded in 1994, T & S Recruiting has served many industries and practice areas. 

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We  take pride in sending only the most qualified candidates. We  won't waste your time presenting individuals who aren't a perfect fit  for your position!!

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Job and Interview Coach


With my 25 years of Recruiting I can help you through one of the most stressful times!                                      

Are you thinking about changing your job? Were you just laid off? Are you thinking,"What do I do now"? Are you in the interviewing process and not sure how to answer the questions? Are you thinking,"How will I compare with the other candidates"? Are you sending your resume and not getting any response? Do you understand how the ATS system works? Do you think "role playing" would make you feel less stressful for the interview?

Let me help you find the answers to these questions and more with my experience as a Recruiter. Email  me at shelley@ts-recruiting.com to schedule a 30 minute consultation to discuss what issues I can possibly help you solve.

"Shelley Radinsky guided me during a  huge transition in my life both personally and professionally. Her  specialty is her becoming your cheerleader and your advocate to not only  want to better yourself, but better your entire philosophy with a “can  do,” attitude.

Shelley can best be described as a  catalyst. She makes things happen. She serves as a creative and dynamic  resource of motivation and enthusiasm for all that seek her guidance,  mentoring, and support. Shelley is the self-starter who advises with a  sense of passion and desire, unparalleled. Her clients feel a sense of  pride and accomplishment, largely because she has succeeded in making  them the owners of their own individual accomplishments, while being  part of a team. Shelley is a ubiquitous presence, working to make sure  that her clients and the goals they set forth are accomplished and come  together. Shelley is unique in that she can be trusted to be principled  without being judgmental. 

Her calming demeanor, strong work  ethic, her ability to make difficult situations seem manageable, and her  attention to detail is impeccable."

Mr. Ami Monson, Director of Youth Engagement 


I would like to offer my sincere thanks for your assistance in helping me to obtain a fulfilling career when I moved to Tennessee.

Your sage advice for effective interviewing techniques and valuable tips put my candidacy at the top of the list and I was able to secure a management position in a rewarding profession. You went above and beyond my expectations and I am thankful for your exceptional efforts. Your guidance was priceless and I am so appreciative of your support through the entire process. I would highly recommend you to anyone needing job or interview coaching assistance. 

Thank you for everything!

David - Safety Manager - Transportation