Resume Sourcing - Assisted Living - CNA

If you don't have the passion don't take the job!!!!

If you don't have the passion and the patience working with the elderly, then you should never take the job, because it is not JUST A JOB!!!

The Certified Nursing Assistants are the caregivers to our elderly. When the button is pressed it is the CNA who is called to dress, bath, lift, and basically care for your loved one. It is my mission to help make sure, in my own way, that the facility hires caregivers that want to be there, because they have the passion for the elderly.  

Think of our service as a Live Job Board to help you fill your most demanded positions in your facility. 

I take your job descriptions and recruit with the same passion as if this was a contingency or a retained search. The difference is after I pass along the resumes my job is completed. I will cold call, interview and screen before you are presented with any resumes. 

I will guarantee that any resume I present will be candidates who are interested in your position. 

If you are tired of posting your jobs and waiting for the right person to answer your ad, then reply in the contact section and I will get back to you as soon as possible, to discuss your needs.